Where The River Meets The Ocean

(August 2002)



Ahoy there! Pepper points the way.
...Past a quiet beach
To where the Klamath River meets the ocean and the salmon run the gamut to spawn and die upstream.
Ancient Squaw rock silently watches from her position in the background. As you can see, I never leave home without Mel, my camera (and computer).
Reminds me of Hitchcock's movie "The Birds" except that these birds surrounding Bradley and Jen love potato chips.
Mel swears his little treasure looks like a mermaid.
Brad's catch of the day weighs a little over 24 pounds.
While Brad filets...
Seven little seagulls all in a row... greedily wait for dinner.
The Heward's campsite....
....And the McGuires.
As the sun sets on this beautiful day, so did our trip eventually come to an end. But our fond memories will live on with the many pictures I took. Hope you've enjoyed them too.