Congratulations Jen!


It's May 27, 2004. The special occasion is Jen's graduation from the Regional Occupation Program (ROP) in Auburn as a Dental Technician.Various dentists throughout the area take part in the training and eventual employment of these special students. This was the largest graduating class to date.
Jen approaches the podium to receive a playful award for best eyes in her morning dental class....

After the ceremony Jen gets a hug from proud mom and dad, the rest of us....

...And some funny stuff.

Then we all went to In-An-Out Burger for our celebration dinner.



Get a load of friend Jeremy's hot pickup. It likes to do push-ups.

Well, this was a very pleasant evening with the family, and especially you Jen. As a young child you've demonstrated so much talent and energy. You illustrated stories, invented games, composed music, directed and participated in yours and other's horse shows, worked with horses, and motivated younger children.

I'll never forget your being the choir leader for Bradley, Katie, Becca and Laci, singing the "LordsPrayer." Those sweet little faces and voices...Laci was wearing a ballerina dress, had tangled hair and smudges on her face, but  all of you looked and sounded like little angels. You may not have noticed, but tears welled up in my eyes. No wonder the disabled neighbor (Mr. McGeoghegan) was overwhelmed and cried.

 See what an inspiration you've been to so many people during your brief life from an infant to a vibrant young woman. Congratulations for all your achievements, and may your life be a glorious adventure overflowing with happiness.