Timmy Doin' It From Scratch

(July 2001)


Timmy has a good reason for smiling. When I took this picture, he and his father had worked all year building his Porsche from scratch...Not much money involved, but it required a lot of time and effort. This project began when Timmy bought the old Porsche from his Uncle John for about $100. It had been sitting around for years, and John decided he didn't have the time to restore it. Timmy was learning to drive so his thoughts naturally turned towards getting a car. If things worked out, this one might be ready to drive by the time he reached his sixteenth birthday, when he'd be eligible for a driver's license.

His father was no stranger to rebuilding cars. When Tim was a teenager, he taught himself the art, enabling him to drive a nice car when he was in high school. He shared his expertise with friends who wanted to make the effort. Thus Tim was now handing down the mantle of experience to his own son. 

Timmy's first task was to tear the old car apart and replace worn out parts with better ones salvaged from same model Porsche's. This requires a lot of time, and can be discouraging. Many hours were spent on the telephone and Internet locating hard to find parts and sometimes selling others. The old ranch shop (where father Tim had rebuilt his cars) was now a place where Timmy could work on his own.

By the time I took these pictures, Timmy already primed and painted the car. In the beginning it was more like the parts car in the background. Here he's doing the finish work, and has just put in the interior, seats, carpet etc.

Papa Mel proudly looks it over.

As planned...the car was eventually finished and Timmy got his drivers license. Between school, part time work, and participating in sports...the car has been a big help getting around.

...But that's not the end of the story. Timmy's planning on restoring another car he may sell. That's a wonderful idea, and may there be many more creative adventures in the future.