Katie, Brent, and Becca's 8th Grade Graduation.
(June 9, 2005)

We're all gathered together to watch the Lyman Gilmore Middle School 8th grade graduation. The DeMartini's, Hewards, McGuire and Dunham families wait for the event to begin. The graduates line up for the procession.

Makiya and Katie.
There are speeches and awards...
The advanced choir sings " Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor," and the eighth grade choir sings "We Leave You With A Smile."
Then the Diplomas are presented (along with a congratulatory handshake) to each student.
Brent leads off...
....And eventually here's Katie.
...and Becca receives her diploma and a hug.
Becca, mom and dad are all smiles.
Papa and Grammy get a smile and hug from Brent.
How about these smiles?! Good enough for a Pepsodent ad.
Even Timmy and Bradley manage a smile for
the camera gal.
Following the ceremony the graduates attend the traditional eighth grade dance. Later, we do a little cake and ice cream celebration with Katie and Brent before going home.

Oh come on.....just one more picture for the road. May your lives be filled with the wonder of learning, doing and sharing your happiness and achievements with others.

There is a destiny that makes us brothers. None goes his way alone. All that we put into the lives of others, comes back to our own. By Edwin Markham