Jessie's 8th Grade Graduation
(June 5, 2004)

For the Graduate:

Only as high as I can reach I can grow. Only as far as I seek can I go. Only as deep as I look can I see. Only as much as I dream can I be. (Karen Ravn)

It's Saturday morning, June 5, 2004 and we're at Nevada City Elementary School. The Nevada City Home Study Charter School 8th grade graduation ceremony is about to begin. Grand daughter Jessie's one of the 2004 graduates. The ceremony opens with an introduction to the graduates who will each give a brief talk using the large chart they made depicting different experiences and interests during their life.

Jessie is first to introduce her family, interests and experiences. She draws wonderful pictures and creates interesting creatures from various materials, like this prize winning dragon.





After the talks, diplomas are presented....

....Followed by refreshments and visiting. The faculty did a wonderful job to make it a memorable event. This may have been small, but it was the nicest graduation I've ever attended.

Outside, the McGuire bunch poses for a picture with the graduate. Grandparents, Dad and Aunt Sue attended school here. Congratulations over, we all departed for home, but planned to get together later for the drive to Sierra City to have dinner at Jessie's favorite restaurant. The plan was to stop at Downieville first and browse through the quaint little shops.

No problem....It's time to move on. We're all getting hungry, and Jessie says we're going to like what's on the menu at Harrington's dining room.

Harrington's doesn't look like much, but we're in for a pleasant surprise.

Jessie's right. The menu has a variety of delicious entrees. Grammy and Papa chose filet mignon steak dinners. Expensive, but good. Who's paying?

The place has a fish pond and Jessie's about to feed it's inhabitants.

...And I thought we were bad.

Three generations of McGuire's.

Mike checks out the telescope to take a peek at the Sierra Buttes. 

It's been a wonderful day making memories with special people. Congratulations Jessie, for having completed an important step towards the rest of your life...and thank you all for the great idea of a celebration dinner in the Sierras.