Go! Miners! Go!
(Oct. 2, 2003)
It's Thursday evening football at Nevada Union High School. We're looking forward to watching Doug's freshman team play Del Campo.


Doug and his team mates. He's number 80.

Mel, Mike, Jamie and Jessie.

Everyone's here! Even that cute baby

Miner Mo gives us the eye...


Jeff and the kids picking up some goodies at
the snack bar.


One player's injured during the last play...

And is carried off the field by his team mates.

Then he's taken to the ambulance by paramedics.

The final score is 62 Nevada Union to
Del Campo's 6.

The teams pass each other with a goodwill gesture for
a game well played.

Goodbye guys. We thoroughly enjoyed the game
 and camaraderie.

It was fun watching Doug play football...and remembering all the times we watched his father Mike play when he was a freshman at the same school. Where did the time go?