Fall Family Festival


It's October 31, 2005, and I decided to venture forth to see what all the activity has been about. The girls have been working on their booth at Twin Cities Church all week. They even enlisted my help. I didn't mind finding some bugle music for the races, but posing as a flower isn't part of my expertise.

Finding a parking place was something else. The parking lot was full, so I parked along the curb with some other late comers. As I approached the festivities, I couldn't resist capturing this pumpkin-head giving folks a hay ride.
As you can see, there are lotsa people. Luckily, I bumped into Fred who told me where the girl's booth was. All I had to do was turn around and look....and listen. Aha! That's it'! The sound of the bugle playing "First Start" at the races. And there was Glennie getting the contestants lined up for the race.  Click on the bugle to start the race....
....And there's the booth. The luminous flowers they
cut out and painted are perfect!
The flower petal head gear is colorful and
cute for the occasion.
Don and Hazel look kind of cute too.
Smile Sue...cuz you're on candid camera.
There are plenty of costume's around. Also a petting
zoo for the little kids. (Excuse the pun)
And food for hungry prepared by Greg and crew.
Having pretty much made the rounds of all the games, I decided it was time to exit stage right, before everyone else.