Tuff Trucks at the Nevada County Fair

(Saturday August 11, 2012)


e decided it might be fun to attend the Tuff Trucks event at the County Fair this week, so bought our tickets for this popular event early. John and Lynn's son Peter was in the competition representing DeMartini's. Despite it being another hot afternoon, there was a big crowd waiting to cheer 'em on. This was our first experience watching the monster trucks. They're awesome! Shake rattle and roll....hang onto your seat cuz here they come!

Cheryl, Sue, Margie, Tim, Mel, me and the bunch having a great time...

Don't know who the driver of this vehicle is, but this video shows the course they drive.

Tim Robinson's one of our favorites...

When this guy lands the hood on his truck flies open. Will he be able to see where he's going?

Yep! and when he hits bottom again it flies shut and everyone cheers!

...and he completes the lap.

And now it's Peter...who flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

This guy rolled over and got a huge ovation!

Intermission while they wet down the stadium.

And here's Peter before the final round!

Areana and Timmy having fun!

Peter's on the move again!

Peter's time was fastest....but....

...Another guy beat him by a couple of seconds.

Congratulations for a great run Peter!

See you later Jean...It was really fun.