Cheryl with the toy and food runners at the Rood Center

20th Toy Run brings out more than 1,500 bikes

(Saturday December 10, 2011)


The long parade of motorcyclists left the Eric Rood government center in Nevada City at noon Saturday, winding their way down Broad Street, over to Main and Mill streets in Grass Valley and into the fairgrounds on McCourtney Road, where more than 3,600 toys and food items were donated for needy children and families. Cheryl and Sue say the line of motorcycles was so long that it stretched from the Rood Center in Nevada City to the Fairgrounds in Grass Valley. Click here and experience the ride.

Lots of bikes at the Center.

Kim Pruitt, Ted Gilbert and Sue McGuire.

Getting ready to start the toy run to the Fairgrounds.

Heading into Nevada City, and down Broad Street.

Continuing down Broad Street in Nevada City. It's estimated the turnout of 3,000 people and 1,591 motorcycles made Saturday's 20th toy run the biggest ever. Event coordinator Thom Staser said, "I don't think I've had as positive of a Toy Run as this one."

Now we're on Main Street in Grass Valley.

....And heading down Mill Street in Grass Valley towards the Fairgrounds.

After parking...donators take their toys and food to the barn.

Ted Gilbert, Sue and Mert Austin sharing a photo.

Thom figures, “All the kids got at least one toy and everybody got fed. The weather was great and there wasn't anybody having a bad time.” He estimates that about 25,000 children have been served during the Toy Run's 20 year existence.