Sunday and Wednesday Night Basketball

(Sunday January 22, 2012)


unday afternoon Timmy called to see if we'd like to watch the basketball game this evening. He knows we enjoy watching these fast, coordinated young men testing their competitive game skills. They've all been so busy that there hasn't been much time for practice...and they're just getting started. Regardless, it's fantastic that they do it. Tonight's game is between The Old Guys and DeMartini RV.

Amanda has a mischievous smile...after teasing mom's hair.

The Ref  is a lady. Wonderful!

Well, it was a hard and fast moving game as usual, and although our team lost this time and with practice things will change. The Old Guys won 77 to DeMartini RV's 55. It was good for them and fun for us in the cheering section. Thanks guys!



Wednesday, February 8 Game between DeMartini and McGee's



They're tied, so will have to go overtime.

Deciding who gets the ball.

Close game nearing the end and coach Tim imparts some strategy.

McGee's wins tonight with 53 to DeMartini's 52.

Timmy and Brent and all the guys played another exciting game. Thanks again!


Sunday February 12 DeMartini versus Old Guys


Game's about to begin. Getting ready to see who gets the ball.

.....And they're off and running!

The Old Guys beat DeMartini 100 to 72. Wow! Lots of long shot three pointers tonight.

Thanks again for the great game and get together in the cheering section! 


Wednesday February 15 DeMartini versus The B-Team


They're off and running....and who knows what's in store for us.

They play so hard and fast that someone usually ends up on the floor.

Game's over and it looks like The B-Team beat DeMartini's 62 to 55.

Regardless, it's a lot of fun for the ol' timer's cheering section.

A couple of tired, sweaty guys are more than ready to go home.

Thanks again for a great game!


Sunday February 26 Playoff between DeMartini & The Old Guys

It outa be a tough and exciting game tonight...

The Ref's calling the guys to get with it. Time to play ball...

...And they're off and running after that ol' ball!

It was a fast moving, close game. The Old Guys beat DeMartini 78 to 71.


Sorry you guys didn't win. Someone wins, someone loses...but you all played great!