Primary Election Night at the Old Brewery Stonehouse

(Tuesday June 5, 2012)


t's election day and we're back at Nevada City's Old Brewery Stonehouse to share the evening and vote results with daughter Sue McGuire, her wonderful helpers and friends. Sue just completed the first round as a contender for Nevada County Supervisor District 1 against incumbent Nate Beason who has served two terms, and Al Bulf, a transportation expert. Beason's election party's up the street at Friar Tucks. This time around we're upstairs at the Stonehouse. We all pitched in with finger foods...and whatever to make it fun.

Cheryl set up a computer in the back to keep up with tabulations.

   Sue's web and campaign materials design  guy Dwight Johnson, and the Union's John Hart showed up for some photos.


Above are Candidate Sue's family and a friend (who couldn't escape). Front left to right are friend Bonnie, mom Bonnie and dad Mel. Sister Margie, cousin Lisa, candidate Sue, sister Cheryl and niece Deena. In back are brother Kirk and his wife Deanna.

By the end of the evening about 26 percent of the vote (or 16,045 ballots) were counted...District 1 Supervisor Nate Beason had 60 percent of the vote (400 votes), and a lead over Sue's 27 percent (178) and Al Bulf's 9 percent (60).

The following day The Union newspaper reported, "Nate Beason was declared the outright winner and earned his third consecutive term to represent District 1 on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors. Beason accrued 59.3 percent of the vote (he needed 50 percent of the vote, plus one to be declared the outright winner and avoid a two-person run off in November). The next highest vote getter, challenger Sue McGuire had garnered 29.2 percent of the vote. Al Bulf had managed 9.3 percent of the total vote for third place.

Throughout the election Beason touted his experience in dealing with internal county matters as well as representing Nevada County at the state level. “I've done a pretty good job with keeping Nevada County financially stable over the last seven and a half years and I think we need more of that,” he said in a previous interview with The Union. “I think people trust me.”

Meanwhile, Sue McGuire, a private attorney who has public experience in the District Attorney office, said her tenure in the private sector made her more qualified to represent the interest of private industry at the county level. “My opponent (Beason), and several people on the board, their employment has been public employment, so they don't have quite the same view,” she said. “It seems to me that (board members) should have a stint in the private sector to understand what private businesses go through.”

Al Bulf, a transportation expert that has worked on mass transit projects throughout California, said his opponents have no new ideas. Bulf made the installation of a public transportation system that would connect Colfax, Grass Valley and Nevada City via electric train. “They're not advocating anything new as far as I'm concerned,” Bulf said. “My friends — that's why they support me. There's nothing new coming down the pike from those guys. Nate Beason just wants another four years.”

Beason is currently serving his second term as supervisor, having been elected in 2004 and again in 2008, serving two four-year terms each time. Beason ran unopposed in 2008, but won by about 550 votes over Olivia Diaz in 2004.

District 1 includes Nevada City and the unincorporated areas of Banner Mountain, Cascade Shores, Deer Creek and the Highway 174 corridor."


Nicco gave us this photo of the original Old Brewery.

In conclusion, all I can say is that it's been an interesting trip on the educational campaign trail with Sue. Doing the walk gave me a birds eye view of how discouraged many people feel about  their government. Some asked if she was a Christian, as though seeking to vote for someone with moral values. In the beginning one person who encouraged her to run for Supervisor asked me what I thought about it. My reply was, "Do I want her to be crucified, like what happens to most good people like Jesus Christ and his followers?" But I had to agree with him and Sue that if no one makes the effort to make things better it will not don't complain. Once again Sue took the high road and volunteered to do her best to accomplish something better. With her were many absolutely wonderful volunteers working very hard to help her. Bless all your hearts for everything you've done. And thanks to all who donated to her campaign, and to you who voted for her.