Michele, Cheryl, Grammy Bon, Papa Mel, Margie and Amanda

Merry Messy Christmas Carols

(Monday December 23, 2013)


Tonight we're at Twin Cities Church singing beautiful Christmas carols. Highlighting the evenings events was an inspired sermon by Pastor Ron..."Merry Messy Christmas" is a comparison of baby Jesus being born in a messy stable, coming into a messy world that needed help.

"Let's face it: In all our efforts to create the perfect Christmas, Christmas can get messy. Perhaps you've never thought of this holiday as the messiest time of the year, but if you wish to be true to the original story, then you have to face the messy facts. While Christmas cards portray fairytale scenes of a quaint manger and a quiet infant, 'no crying He makes,' the real story confronts us with a messy mystery.

Shaun Dyer says, 'If we sanitize the Christmas story...eliminating its earthiness, pain and struggle, we miss the truth of a God who deeply loves us. The birth of Jesus is the moment God came to dwell in our midst, to join us in our struggle. Therein lies a clue to the mystery. Had He come as He deserved, in royal clothes, surrounded by nobility, He would have remained a distant God. But what I know of Him is that He is a present and involved God.'

Here's the good news of Christmas for messy people: God embraces our mess. The birth of Jesus into our messy world shows that He wants to come into our life no matter how messed up it might be. Jesus doesn't care how messy our life is. It doesn't scare Him at all. For He started His life in a mess, wrapped in rags and placed in a manger; and He ended His life in a mess, wrapped in rags and pounded to a cross."