Lunch with the Nevada City Fun Bunch

(Wednesday February 22, 2012)


axine, Mel and I heading in to the Northridge where we'll join the others for some tasty food, laughs and old time tales we still remember.

From the left is George and Githa Navo, brothers Melo and Nick Pello, Bonnie and Mel McGuire, Maxine Johnson and John Cartoscelli. We're sorry more couldn't be with us because if laughter is great medicine for whatever ails us, we always get a big dose when we're together. Here's a toast to many more get-togethers down the road...

Some of us had a great laugh over a little video of the bunny herding sheep, so here it is. (Thanks Pete!) Until our next luncheon sometime in guys and gals take extra good care of yourselves and try not to get into too much mischief. We hope to see you then.