Dining with Visitors from Beijing, China at DeMartini RV

(Sunday November 27, 2011)


im and Margie invited us to join a delegation of businessmen from China for lunch. We thought it would be interesting. Francis Chao was instrumental setting the visit up with the Commerce Department of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. He was also our official translator. Unfortunately, the larger group's plane had to make an emergency landing, so were unable to be here for the luncheon, but did arrive later for dinner, before departing for Lake Tahoe and Reno. The  businessmen are interested in purchasing, selling and operating RV parks in China.


Vicky Chao, me and Mel having a nice visit before lunch. Francis is facing us from the next table. They have a vacation home up here near Tim and Margie, but live in the Bay Area where Vicky operates their restaurant supply business. Francis' main interest is aeronautics, and placed a large Ad about DeMartini RV in a Chinese Aviation magazine.


Chef Bill barbecuing hamburgers and chicken.

While Dane tears up from slicing the onions for the burger tray.

Finally...the rest of the delegates arrive for a showroom introduction, followed by  Ravioli's and salad dinner. Lots of visiting, laughing and taking pictures. Everyone was enthusiastic even though they must have been very tired from all the delays. Historically, I think the Chinese have always understood and appreciated free enterprise and its importance for survival.