Eatin' Crab at the Ophir Fire Station

(Saturday January 18, 2014)

It's a year later and once again we couldn't resist the Ophir Fire Station's Crab Feed tonight with Ted, Cheryl and Sue. The Station's located at Cedar Ridge between Union Hill and Chicago Park on Highway 174 heading towards Colfax. We're early this time. Dinner consists of spaghetti, salad, French bread and all the crab you can eat.

Yum...Cheryl found a delicious cupcake.

Some of us are still eating while the raffle winners are collecting their prizes.

Ted (and his mother) were with the Ophir Fire District from the get-go. This is a picture when it all began. Ted's the guy wearing a hat in the third window left Ophir Hill Fire Dist picture of the float. It's always fun to get out and about with good friends for a good cause...especially when there's something good to eat....uh...the crab doesn't think so.