Basketball League - DeMartini RV versus Dylan Mitzel Painting

(Sunday January 27, 2013)

Tonight we thought it would be fun to watch the guys play city league winter basketball again at the Veterans building. The games are exciting and players exceptional.

That's Tim with the camera next to Areana and Vicky.

Papa comments..."One down and four to go..."

As always the players did a terrific job. DeMartini won with 91 points to Dylan Mitzel Painting's 85. Thanks everybody.....

Guy and Timmy's winning hifi and goodnight for Grammy and Papa.

DeMartini RV versus TLC

(Wednesday January 30)

The game winds up with DeMartini winning 52 to TLC's 49. Exciting games that require lots of energy and mental collaboration...Most of these young men do this after they get off work during the week, and we're grateful to be able to watch.

DeMartini RV versus Papa Lee

(Wednesday February 13)

Down for a second...but not done.

Another fast moving, great performance game with DeMartini ending up with 79 to Papa Lee 59. Thanks guys...

DeMartini RV versus Dylan Mitzel Painting

(Sunday February 17)

Tied score in the second can be boring or cause nail biting...

Brent pauses with the cheering section.

Maybe meditation will help....

The crash of bodies shook the building...(or is it Grammy's hand)? Good thing that little gal in the striped shirt was out of the way.

...And now they're already on the other side!

Looks like Dylan Mitzel Painting won 77 to DeMartini RVs 60.  This was a real fast, hard played game. There's always a winner and a loser, but in essence these guys are all winners. That's why they're congratulating one another.

Thanks again for the great game Timmy..

DeMartini versus SPD

(Sunday April 7)

Who gets the ball....and away they go!

Guy senior joins the bunch tonight.

Elodie, our newest member in the cheering section, enjoys a little refreshment.

Another great game is over with DeMartini RV scoring 83 to SPD's 56.

Elodie's wearing her cute little monkey cheer leading hat that Vicky made for her.

Goodnight everybody...It's been another fun evening sharing and cheering for our favorite team.