Barbara Schmidt Millar Triathlon

(Sunday September 20, 2009)


Vicky, Amanda and Kristin Jenkins made a DeMartini RV team effort in the 15th annual Barbara Schmidt Millar Celebration of Life event at Cascade Shores. This was Vicky's fourth year competing in the event, and Amanda's third. The triathlon helps raise funds for the Barbara Schmidt Millar Foundation, which provides scholarships for local young women seeking careers in health care, and funds examinations at the Sierra Nevada Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Breast Imaging Center for local women unable to afford them.

 Kristin finished her quarter mile swim in Scott's Flat Lake and then tags Vicky (above).

Vicky runs to starting point.

Course Marshal Curtis Wyrick helps Vicky get started.

Vicky's at the top of the hill from the Lake. It's an eleven mile race.

She's back....

...and Amanda (back of photo) takes off on her run.

Worn out and hot, Amanda just crossed the finish line of her three mile run.

In the Open Women Team Relay division there were 54 teams of all ages. Vicky and Amanda's team (DeMartini RV) came in 7th place with a time of 1:28:24 Those that placed are 1. 50's Rule (1:15:27 2), 2. Monster Mamas (1:17:03 57:), 3. One Uppers (1:20:28 54), 4. Leilo & The Wiz (1:22:18 17), 5. Murphy-In-Law (1:26:12 21), 6. Fins, Wheels & Legs (6 Fins, Wheels & Legs 1:28:04).

Here are the rest of the teams (without times) that participated. Some of the names from Number 8 on that will make you chuckle. N/A, Alpha 2, River frog, Pilates G R L's, X-Ray Flashers, Paulettes Pink Posse, Three Degrees of separation, Roadrunners, Barista Babes, Striving Together, The racing Chicks, John's Daughters, Yes We Can, Pink Ladies, Jamaki, Hot Flash, Save the Bubbies, Still Life in Motion, The Kick Backs, Let's Go Streaking, Tres amigas, Live-Long, For Jessica, Positively Pink, 3 Nags, Rio's Relay, Sierra Tile and Stone, Midlife Moms In Motion, The Rockers, Oldies But The Goodies, Team A J A, Galandleys, Gu Qi, Youngs Carpet One, Awesome Threesome, Mid-Aged Bitties Racing 4 Titties, Outside Inn, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Wells Fargo Insurance #1, Team Smokey, Team Creasy, Super Fast Team, S.o.s. Save Our Sisters, Wells Fargo Insurance #2, Bay Area Babes, Team Dahlia, and Twisted Sweepers.

Wenn Murphy


The Union Newspaper's Sport's Editor Brian Hamilton writes:

"When Murphy races to the finish line (above) to win her fifth consecutive Barbara Schmidt Millar Triathlon Sunday at Cascade shores. Having finished second to her little sister on more than one occasion at the Barbara Schmidt Millar Celebration of Life Triathlon, most folks on hand figured Breen Murphy had a better shot than anyone else at stopping Wenn Murphy from becoming a five-time champion. But on Sunday, though she tried, big sis said there was no stopping Wenn from winning again.

"This time every year I say 'Alright, I'm going to train.' And this year we did train together," said Breen, a 32-year-old Nevada City native. "But she just takes off. I tried to keep up and do my best there."

And so, 28-year old Wenn won her fifth consecutive overall championship, clocking a time of 1 minute, 15.30 seconds, which was two full minutes ahead of her big sister. "You know, I thought this year for sure it would definitely be stolen from me," said Wenn. "But I was pumped up and excited and I guess all those endorphins gave me some extra speed. It makes me excited to try harder for next year, because I know someone's going to come along."

Mary Peterson, a 49-year-old breast cancer survivor from Penn Valley, finished third overall. She improved her own time by nearly a full minute, after finishing seventh overall in 2008. "I don't even time myself," she said. "I just come out and do the best I can. It's really an emotional thing for me. I have friends who have died who I met at cancer treatment here and I have a friend dying now. That's the thing to me. I'm not (dying). I get to do this everyday. And that's just a really powerful thing."

The top 10 finishes also included Chico's Sue Kamrar in fourth place, Susan Alexander of Grass Valley in fifth and Stephanie Adams of Nevada City in sixth. Grass Valley's Michele Hughes finished seventh, Nevada City's Jenna Deyoung was eighth, Valerie Aura of Nevada City ninth and Nevada City's Liz Collins 10th.

One glaring omission from that list was Nevada City's Evans Phelps, a regular to 10 finisher for several years. The 59-year-old Phelps, however, broke here collarbone and injured her ribs during a bicycle crash during a training session one week prior to the 15th annual triathlon. She was clearly missed by her fellow competitors.

"I was going to chase Evans," Peterson said. "That was my goal." "Evens not being here was such a bummer," Wenn Murphy said. "I wish she could have been here. She's always a powerhouse. And she always saves me a (transition) spot. I'm hoping she'll come back next year."

One person certain to be back next year is Stewart Millar, the 18-year-old son of Barbara Schmidt Millar. Stewart, who is studying at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, make the long drive back from school in order to serve as the ceremonial starter at the race. He's handled that role since he was 5 years old. The triathlon, whose namesake died of cancer at the age of 42, has raised more than $350,000 to help local folks afford cancer screenings at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Breast Imaging Center. It has also funded about 30 scholarships for women pursuing a college education in the healthcare industry. "I had to do it, Stewart said. "I couldn't miss it. It's so good to see everybody out here. It's been awesome to see the growth, knowing what it was the first year and now what's here. The first year there were 12 people doing it. This year, I started five groups (of swimmers) down there."

Congratulations to all who participated. Your valiant effort to help others is very much appreciated by everyone.




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