The Penn Valley 53rd Annual Rodeo

(Saturday May 15, 2010)


We've lived our entire lives here, and finally made it to the Penn Valley Rodeo. Over the years different members of our family have gone, but we decided now's the time to get up n' go. We discovered that it's a heck of a lot more fun to watch here instead of second hand  in the movies. This evenings event opened with honoring our flag, country and military.

I didn't get many great pictures, but there was calf roping, buckin' broncos, steer wresting, barrel racing and last, but real scary bull riding.

Did I mention good food?

Believe it or not...those are goats riding on top the trailer.

The kids are chasing the calf with a red ribbon on it's tail. Whoever gets the ribbon gets the prize.

It's dark, and those bulls come out of the gate like a twisting cloud of dust, and just don't pause long enough to get a good photo. Never did get to see what he did with the rider.

They're trying to get this one our of the arena at the right gate.

Come on...

On the way out we decided to have a piece of pie with ice cream to top off a wonderful time.