Our Wonderful Rogue in Reno


(Weds. December 9, 2009) As Cheryl and Sue rounded the last corner in the line to meet and greet, there were about thirty ahead of them. Television's channel 4 news reporter was there and asked them what they liked about Sarah Palin. Cheryl replied, "She's a salt of the earth person...She's awesome...She's wonderful!" Sue added, "She's real, and a true American patriot." Standing next to Cheryl on the left is Pat from Carson City. She and her husband Bill Swearingen arrived at Costco around 4:30 that morning.

Cheryl and Sue were among the 1,000 supporters in Reno Wednesday, who waited to meet Sarah Palin and get her autograph  in their books. Some waited several hours, while others spent the night outside in minus 12 temperatures. Most felt it was worth the wait. The former Alaska governor arrived at the Costco store about an hour early to sign copies of her autobiography "Going Rogue: An American Life."

"It was totally worth staying overnight because I'm warm now," said Jeff Hardie, a special education teacher who drove about four hours from Windsor, California to be among the first in line Tuesday night. "I'm definitely a supporter." Supporters and curious onlookers gathered in the aisles inside the store, eager to catch a glimpse of Sarah. "I like that she's a common sense conservative," said Truckee resident Bob Van Gelder, whose Uncle Sam outfit included a fake white beard and top hat. "I've read her book and it's an incredible life where she talks about fighting corruption and that's what we need." The line for Sarah's visit began to form at 5:20 p.m. Tuesday and about 20 people stayed overnight, Costco general manager Bob Tote said. By about 7 a.m. Wednesday, more than 150 people were in line and employees began to distribute tickets that, along with a book receipt, would guarantee a spot in line inside the store. Those who braved the cold before doors opened huddled around portable heaters and sipped coffee and hot chocolate the store provided in a tent on the Costco parking lot.

"We wanted to be sure to get a ticket and get her signature and meet her," said Susan Lopez of Fernley, which is about 30 miles east of Reno. "I like her because she has common sense. I think she'd be good for the country." Michael Gabor, a former Michigan resident, drove more than two hours over the snowy Sierra from Sacramento to be among the first in line at 10 p.m. Tuesday outside Costco. "She has a lot of drive and dedication," and added that he liked the way  Palin "Fights for our freedom from terrorism and big government." Star smiles, who moved from the San Francisco Bay Area added, "She's very patriotic." Michelle Grant surprised her husband, Daniel with a trip to Reno from Folsom, California late Tuesday night to get the book signed for his birthday. "I told him to get the day off, but he didn't know where we were going until last night, said Michelle, who likes Palin because "she is who she is." Daniel Grant said the former Alaska governor is "a true conservative...I hope she'll do like Reagan and lead the Republican Party back to it's roots."  A dental assistant from Gardnerville commented, "I've been a huge fan and it's exciting to get to see her and thank her...I would vote for her today."

Sarah arrived at about 4:30 p.m. from a signing at a Salt Lake City Costco, accompanied by husband Todd, toddler son Trig and her parents, Sarah and Charles Heath, who also posed for photos and signed books for Palin supporters. Her book already has sold more than 1 million copies. It has topped the New York Times best-seller list for two weeks.

Click on Television's Channel 10 News reporter Jennifer Smith (above) covering the event while Sue and Cheryl watch from their position in line. After they met Sarah and she signed their books, they got to meet her parents (below), Sarah and Charles Heath, and Aunt. Charles asked Cheryl, "I'm her father, do you want to shake my hand too?" Laughing, Cheryl replied, "No. I want to give you a big hug!" Both he and his wife hugged Cheryl.

Sue shaking Sarah's hand, and later commented, "I'd already finished her entire book, which reinforced my feelings that this woman is real, an American Patriot, and a straight shooter. It provides great insight into national politics. We already knew it wasn't pretty, but her experiences gave a clearer picture as to why. Sarah and her husband, Todd, were very personable as were her parents whom we also met. It was a great experience and I felt very blessed and honored to have the opportunity."

Not everyone at the store was glad Palin made Reno one of the last stops on her 31-city book tour. Some bah humbugs plotted to spoil the party. Ahead of the book signing, the Nevada Democratic Party urged people to join activists at Costco to protest, because Sarah didn't support Nevada's Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's health care legislation. About 10 members of the Progress Now Nevada group attempted to hold a vigil outside the store to urge the passage of health care reform, but were asked to leave by Costco's employees.

As for my own feelings about Sarah Palin and her book. She is the breath of fresh air we've all been waiting for. Her voice exposes the political corruption we dislike about our major media and government. She relates her personal experiences, that many of us can identify with. Those who know a little political science recognize that most political climbers get their orders from headquarters to lie, distort and devalue anything and everyone that stands between them and their goal. We don't know anything about our leaders except what we've been told by the media. Therefore we have to assume that dictator's are put into power by those who control it, aptly described by Edward Bulwer-Lytton  in his 1839 play "Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy."

True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyze the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!