Our Tour Across America

(Thursday January 15, 2008)


Dear Papa and Grammy, I would like to invite you to "Tour Across America" with my class. We will have chosen the state of New Hampshire for my project. I am hoping you are able to come and see all the states on display, and sample foods too. Hope to see you there. Sincerely, Mason.

We couldn't resist Mason's invitation. It's around 8:30 a.m. and we're at Deer Creek School ready for the tour. It's early and not many people are here yet. This will change shortly, and this place will be wall to wall with people.

Each student had a state with history, pictures and lots of information. They wore clothing, hats, whatever that best identified their state, and provided a delicious treat representing their state. Most felt it was a lot of work. What a great way to study and remember history.  I was swept into the spirit of the occasion, and visited each state like a roving reporter asking the students what impressed them most, or was the most fun about their project. One boy said he loved collecting the pictures for his project. There were too many to include here, but here are some to show how much work they put into the tour.

Grandson Mason chose New Hampshire. He gives us the tour and offers us some of his orange cake.

I asked this boy what he liked most about his project. He looked at me very serious, slightly smiled and replied, "Nothing...I chose Oregon because my cousins live there." He was such a typically honest boy that it was hard not to laugh.

Utah's silver spike celebration at the uniting of the east and west railroad track.

Nebraska's Super Hero.

One boy's drawing of Connecticut's Super State Hero.

The tour was a learning experience for us. The teachers and their students worked hard to accomplished a wonderful task. It's one of those experiences you wouldn't want to miss, because it will never happen again. Thanks for the invitation Mason. It's been wonderful.