Nevada County Tea Party Party

(Saturday January 23, 1010)


Although it had been snowing most of the day, we decided to join family and friends at the first local Tea Party Party (at the Grass Valley Elks building) because we like what they support..."Fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets, and a government that answers to the people." Evidently a lot of others do also, because about 400 people showed up for the party despite the bad weather. It was a great first event that swelled to standing room only. Good people, refreshments, and great dance music by super rock band Retro Active. The Tea Party Patriots now has more than 15 million members in the United States, and around 1,400 in Nevada County. It's growing in popularity because it's core beliefs are our Constitution and Bill of Rights...of, by and for the people   regardless of political affiliations.

Teri Paulus welcomes everyone, and Tim Robinson says the opening prayer.

The Presentation of Colors by the Vietnam Veterans of America (Chapter 535) file in to the front of the room. Pete Burelle, Jose Gonzales, Harold Graves, Dick Corn, Fred Buhler and Margie Buhler.  Katie Heward sings the National Anthem.

Jake and Lucy Meckler lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Patriot President Stan Meckler inspires everyone. Announcer Teri Paulus (background below) thanks Sue, Cheryl, and Chairwoman Patty Unger, for all their work making it a wonderful Party.

Patriot Vice President Tom Wiederhold says a few words.

Our U. S. Congressman Tom McClintock gives us an interesting look back into American history. As long as I can remember, Tom has always worked for the people of California.

Bob van Oosterhout was born and raised in Indonesia. He left Indonesia, because it became difficult for white people to live there. He was a prisoner of the Japanese for four years. After moving to Holland he witnessed first hand what socialism did to that country. He came to America for a better life, but sees America heading the same way and is working with the Tea Party to help stop it. His story was very interesting and drew a standing ovation.

Elaine Meckler presents Barry Pruett with a birthday cake while we all sing Happy Birthday!

Barry, his wife Kim, and friends.

Retro Active in action...

Mel and me and Timmy (below) makes three...

Katy and her sister. Photographer Jen Heward.

Joy Williams and Sue.

Bye Tim, it was a wonderful party. Thanks for everything.