Ken and Darlene's Golden Anniversary Celebration.

(Saturday, September 11, 2010)


This evening we're all together to congratulate and celebrate Ken and Darlene's fifty wonderful years of marriage that is an inspiration  to their children, family and friends.

Grandmother Eula (Ken's mother) will celebrate her 92nd birthday next month. She croquet's beautiful things...including a centerpiece for the dining room table she gave us on our golden anniversary. Aside from her artistic creations, she's also an active member on a bowling team in the league. You're a lovely, inspiring lady Eula....

Here's our brightly smiling Megan, hostess (mom) Deanna and dad Kirk.

...And the honored guests Darlene and Ken. Congratulations to you both. It's quite an accomplishment.

Margie, Mia and Tim.

Ken has something special he wants to say and read to Darlene....

"Darlene My Love...You are the love of my life, my best friend, a great mother to my children and hopefully my companion for the eternity. As we meet here to celebrate our fifty years of married life I want all our family, friends and God to know that my love for you is greater than it has ever been. While, we as a couple have pledged for the eternities I do hope that we have another fifty here on earth.

As a young man I was attracted to you for many reasons, most of which were typical for any young man. Most young men look at girls and measure their qualities for mate selection based on cuteness, boobs, butts and legs. To be truthful some of that was involved in your selection. But beyond that I saw in you an inner beauty and spirit that dimmed those other attributes.

As many here know we had separate paths in high school. As you dated your steady, Larry, I played the field and dated many girls both older and younger than myself but never dating you. However, I had that definite attraction to you even then, as you know I would tease you every chance I got. While Larry played with the Johnson dance band for most of the school dances I danced with you every chance I got because I knew there was something special about you.

We went our separate ways after high school, and only after a dare from Les during summer break between school years did we find our way back together. For those that do not know Les (my best high school friend) and I had gone to town to take in a movie and perhaps pick up some girls. As we were discussing what girls we might contact to attend a movie with us we drove past the house that Darlene lived in. She was standing out on the lawn in front of the house and I commented to Les that I might ask Darlene. His statement to me was she wouldn't go even if I asked. Well I said to Les, we will see about that, and I quickly turned the car around and went back and asked Darlene if she would like to go to the movie. To my surprise she accepted, and as they say the rest is history. Darlene is probably sitting there thinking 'Boy that was one of my bigger mistakes.'

Like all married couples we have had some up and downs but definitely more ups. Our fifty years have been good...really good. We like the same foods, same people, the same entertainment and enjoy many things together. Most important, I know that Darlene does do many things that she really does not like just to please me.

Like a car, no matter how shinny the paint is when it is new, it will eventually fade and it is the inner workings of that car that will determine how good or bad the car will really be perceived. To some degree we are like the car, it is our inner spirit that determines our real beauty as our bodies grow old. And to great degree I believe it also determines what our outer bodily appearance will be. This became very apparent to me when we returned for our 50th class reunions. I was amazed at both the inner and outer beauty that Darlene exhibited compared to those classmates that originally had those high scores on cuteness, boobs, butts, and legs...but lacked that inner beauty that in the long run is so important. Speaking for myself, I was extremely lucky that for whatever reason, I chose to pick my soul-mate based on inner spirit and beauty, and not those qualities of cuteness, boobs, butts and legs.

Darlene you are an amazing person with a beautiful spirit. I am both grateful and honored that you have allowed me to be a part of your life. I love you."

Party hostess Teresa flanked by grandmother Eula and mother Darlene.

Time to say goodnight to our host Dean and his father Bob. It's been a wonderful party honoring two very special people. Thanks so much everyone...especially Deanna and Teresa.