Having Fun at Marine World

(Monday August 4, 2008)


When the kids invited me to go with them to Marine World at Vellejo, I declined the invitation for a lack of get-up-and-go. But since I went with them last time I can imagine how much fun they had this time. You're listening to Patrick Juvet's song expressing "the magic and music everywhere that fills the air...I love America" that so describes this country. Okay...lets go!

Karly, Jessica, Christina, Brent, Katie & Amanda are ready for some fun in the sun...

Along with mom's Cheryl and Margie.

This photo's for the birds. Gotta watch those little critter's sharp beaks and claws...

And speaking of claws...

Don't ever think you can out swim tigers. They're great swimmers when hungry.

Now it's show time for killer whale. Amazing what it has learned to do.

Click on Cheryl.

Brent loves to have his picture taken.

Hmmm...Did I get it?

This is where you get soaked and your purse filled up with water.

Sunbathing on an ice cube?

The descent on the Slam Dunk can be a drenching experience.

Wha...Okay, what's so funny. Haven't you ever seen a walking-talking tiger before?

By now....As you can see, it's a place to have fun.