Friday's Luncheon at Tofanelli's

( November 6, 2009)


It's a beautiful Autumn day and we're hoping to find a parking place in Grass Valley close to Tofanelli's where we'll enjoy lunch with my local classmates. We make the complete circle, and find a spot across the street in front of Cirino's Cafe.

It's always so much fun to get together with everyone, and catch up on the latest. Evidently Don and I have the same birthday, and he thinks Mexico should send us birthday cards as part of their Cinco de Mayo celebration. From the far end of the table George tries to say a few words over the noisy buzz of conversations. Lots of people enjoying themselves on a rainy afternoon.

Pat pauses at our table for a few moments to say hi. The food was delicious and the stimulating conversation sharing events and memories especially wonderful. Thanks Ramona and George, for making it so nice for everyone.

We decide to take the round about way home to take in some beautiful colors.

Heading down Brunswick Road to Idaho Maryland Road....

...And almost home. Don't you agree that it's been a beautiful afternoon?