Basketball Game

(Wednesday March 7, 2010)


Timmy called to remind us that they were having a game at nine tonight, so here we are with the rowdy cheer leaders. Little did we know what was in store for us....except a lot of fun. Tonight, DeMartini RV is playing Team Quincy.

The players always move back and forth across the gym, but tonight they're getting a real workout. Keep an eye on the scores and you'll see why.









During half-time Vicky and Areana say, "Heck, no one else is out there, so we might as well shoot a few baskets."

Some of these photos aren't very good, but they show how fast the action is.

Tim calls time out and hurries over for some last minute coaching that pays off.


The teams tied so they are given play-off time. Dog gone that even gets Maggie's attention.






DeMartini RV squeaked ahead just enough to win the game with 61 points to Team Quincy's 58. It was the most exciting City League game we've watched so far. Those guys really played hard, and were neck and neck throughout. They've gotta be worn out. Us too from watching, and it's time to head for the home on the hill. As usual, thanks everyone for all the laughs from the sidelines.