A Special Brunch

(Saturday April 18, 09)


Deanna and Kirk made a special breakfast-lunch so that we could meet Deanna's mother Darlene's sisters and brothers who hadn't been to California before. The purpose of their visit was a surprise birthday dinner party (Friday-April 10) at Deanna's sister Teresa's home. Darlene was totally surprised and delighted. Especially enjoyable was the wonderful cuisine prepared by Teresa for the occasion. All six (and some spouses) of the Tanner children were able to be here. We certainly enjoyed meeting them.

When we arrived Mason was getting ready to launch his rocket.

Ken, Darlene and her brothers Carwin, Duane, and Leon arrived shortly after us.

Teresa and her Aunts Donna and Vonnie.

And here's the birthday honoree and grand-daughter Megan.

Karli looking over Mya and Drews art below.







How about a butterfly dance, art and a song to match the occasion?

Like her sister, Deanna is a wonderful cook who always has some new delicious surprise for us.

Mason's precarious perch.

Judee wowed us with her world travels...especially exploring Egypt.

Eula looking very remarkable as always.

Lookin good Deena...

Buster's thinking about how he's gonna get that ball.

Sheba joins in the race to get it.

Okay. Getting the ball is one thing, but how do you get outa this tank.

He decides to go back to the beginning where it's easy.

Shawn, Deena, Megan, Drew and Mason soaking up a little sun while watching the doggone fun.

Back from the left are Carwin, Renea, Jolene, and Duane. Leon and Darlene are seated in front.

Ken and Darlene smile for the cameras.

Me thinks you're already tired of being on candid camera?

Ken, Darlene, Leon, Donna, Vonnie and Duane.

Couples back to front...Ken and Darlene. Larry and Renea. Leon and Donna. Duane and Vonnie. Brother and sister Carwin and Jolene.

Meanwhile, Kirk and Papa Mel relaxing outside. The visitor's are getting ready to tour the Empire Mine State Park in a few minutes. It should be beautiful.

It's been fun meeting everyone, and I'll be adding more to this later. I think your father Ralph's  stories about his youth are treasures. I put them together from your family reunion book, although some of the pictures didn't scan that well. I looked for others of the area to fill in, and I'm hoping you'll send me more stories and pictures.