A Gathering of Writers
April showers bring May flowers...so the old saying goes. Between storms this April afternoon brought out some local writers for a gathering in the historic mining town of Alleghany. Just mentioning this place makes me nostalgic. Our family lived here for a short period when we were children. Dad was employed as a miner in the Sixteen-To-One Mine. Mel parked our car on Main Street near Casey's Place, the designated spot where everyone signed up and got their name tags from Joe-Ann Buczkowke.



Joe-Ann and husband Bud are the movers and shakers in Alleghany who get lots of nice things happening. Bud's written several books, and Joe-Ann makes gourmet jams and jellies. We purchased a jar of her Raspberry Chambord Jam. You can view her website at http://www.jellygrandma.com


Lots of books displayed and autographed by the authors. This man holds the book Making Gold Rush Whiskey.


We have lunch with the Kokila's. Delicious king size burgers with the works and potato salad prepared by....


Caree is busily preparing food for everyone.

After lunch we walked a short distance up Main Street to the Red Star where the writer's readings were taking place.


Sierra Writer's John Skinner chatting in the lobby.

In the kitchen Bud Buczkowke checks out the empty coffee pot.

A snowy day, crackling fireplace, people reading stories and reciting poetry add up to a delightful afternoon.

Mr. Cicogni's poetic recitals were remarkable.

Their father wrote the original story about the ghost in the Sixteen to One Mine.

More poetry read by this lady.



...And a wonderful mining story by this gentleman.

Mike Miller shows the pictures and reads the captions in a 1992 Calendar about the Sixteen to One Mine. "A mine is like a woman. When you find a good one, it is hard to let her go. When you find a bad one, it is hard to sometimes know." The calendar has beautiful pictures of the men who were working underground on the 600 foot level, or 1500 foot level of the mine. It's a collector's item. We bought one that Mike just happened to have outside in his truck.


....And Mike let Mel get a look at this whopper chunk of gold, but he wouldn't let us take it home. You can check out the mine at http://www.origsix.com/  Gerard Forsman also has a very interesting website with many local pictures and stories at http://www.gfxgold.com

 Maybe we didn't go home with a gold nugget, but the memories, and spending an afternoon with interesting people in that wonderful old town is our kind of treasure.

The old picture of Grandmother Grace, me and my sisters Kathy and Virginia in front of the cabin where we lived when our dad worked at the mine ultimately brought me back to enjoy the Gatherings in Alleghany. Below is a picture of our dad and mom with us.