Gathering of Authors, Poets and Artists

(May 19, 2005)


It's a beautiful (May 14) Saturday morning. Cheryl, Katie and I drove to Alleghany for the 3rd annual gathering of authors, poets and artists. We stopped at Jo-Ann and Bud Buczkowske's home first. They were the movers and shakers that pretty much started things, and continue to keep it going.
Then we went next door to the Tightner Mansion where the authors and story telling events had already started.
The mansion's host and Bud greeted us at the entrance. Bud couldn't resist hamming it up by pretending to smoke and drink while sitting beneath the sign forbidding both.
Inside, Sierra Writer's John Skinner and another author avail themselves to guests who might be interested in the many books on display.
Bill McDonald by his book "A Spiritual Warrior's Journey." He's president of the American Authors Association and the Military Writers Association.
Marilyn Newton (award winning news photographer) talked and showed slides of her book "Alkali Angels."  It's about historical graves. During her research throughout isolated areas in the west, she wore a gun for protection.
Judith Lowry's work was on display at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indians in Lower Manhatten. She presented a slide show of her beautiful paintings.
This man read wonderful poems his father wrote. Another read his own interesting story.
...And she read her father's excellent writings.
Before long the three of us headed to Casey's for lunch.
After some hamburgers we strolled down Miner's Street to the old gymnasium where artists displayed their various creations.
Wildlife artist Bill Brown's pictures are beautiful. Besides his remarkable creations, he's a sports announcer for channel 2 in Reno, Nevada.
We've had a wonderful day seeing and hearing what many talented people have experienced and shared with us. The drive home was just as magical as we passed shades of blue and yellow flowers and the swirling waters of the river meandering through the canyon.
It's a good