Fun At Six Flags Marine World
(July 23, 2004)
It's a beautiful afternoon. We just arrived at Six Flags Marine World, and are about to take Mr. Six's suggestion to have a hoot and hollering good time. There's Amanda, Katie, Cheryl, Margie...and myself (the camera gal), Brent and his friend Mikaiya, who already disappeared. Boys and girls departed with orders that we'd all meet back here at a specific time to ride the shuttle back to our car.

There's plenty to see and do. The kids liked to go on all the gut-wrenching, nerve shattering rides, but moms and Grammy preferred tamer stuff like the Dolphin show below.

When they're not performing in the upper tank, the dolphins greet us from a window at street level below, like this walrus in another area of the park.

My favorite place to visit was the Shark Experience. The aquarium wraps around the viewing tunnel. It's like walking on the ocean floor.

Shouka (the killer whale) is pretty agile for being so big.

Along the way, we thought it would be fun to join the crowd lined up for the White Water Safari.We couldn't imagine what was in store for us.
Yep! The current takes our raft right under a waterfall. Do you suppose they planned it that way to make it more exciting?

My purse filled up with water, and I'm drenched.

Margie wasn't under the waterfall, but was shot by a big hose...evidence that it was a conspiracy.

So much for our hair and clothes. Cheryl's laughing. I'm thinking about dumb, dumber and dumbest. A couple of us will be sloshing around until our clothes dry. We became conscious of a lot of wet people dripping around the park.

The Bird Theatre is fun and interesting.

This Bald Eagle would attack her with little provocation, so she handles it carefully.

If you ever meet up with a tiger, don't think you can escape by jumping in a pool, or river. They're excellent swimmers that like to catch prey in the water. This one dived to the bottom to retrieve a morsel of meat. They're awesome.

You can feed the giraffes, or just take pics like me.

The elephant moving and stacking logs is 62 years old and loves her work. They think this keeps her healthy. She lifts the right side of the log onto the top of the stack; then puts her knee under the lower left side like a brace, and lifts the log into place. When she finished she rang a bell for the crowds applause, and then had a tug of war with the kids. She feigned losing a couple of times and then pulled the whole bunch in a cloud of dust.
It's getting near our departure time so we hurried back to where we were supposed to meet the others.

Brent and Mikaiya decided to take a trip in this boat down the water ride.....They like the front seat?

When they plow into the water at the bottom those in the front seats practically drown.

Since they're already wet and it's such fun, they decided to do it again. Cheryl, Margie and I decided to take the train ride around the park. We should have done that first. Then we would have become familiar with where everything was. More fun than looking at the map.

The ride's over and it's time to round everyone up and head for the hills. We'll be seein' ya on television Mr. Six!


Bye kids! Hope
you had fun!