The play begins with the townspeople milling about in the village shopping and tending to their chores.
Among them are Cinderella, her step-mother and step-sisters who make Cinderella carry their purchases.
Suddenly an attractive young man (the Prince in disguise) tries to become acquainted with her, but to no avail. She quickly disappears with her step-family.
At home Cinderella scrubs, cleans and dreams about better times when her father was alive. Meanwhile, unable to discover who the enchanting girl was, the disappointed prince returns to the palace. He finds his mother planning another Ball....She's hoping to find a young lady for the Prince to marry. He isn't very enthusiastic about it.
"Hear Ye...Hear Ye!" The Herald reads the invitation for all to attend the Prince's Ball. The townspeople are overjoyed. Some have a few misgivings...
..."I wish I didn't have two left feet!"
Cinderella's step-mother and step-sisters can't wait to attend the Ball. Mom gives her daughters instructions on what it takes to catch a not nervously scratching, nor snorting when they laugh. Cinderella is told to stay home and work.
Discouraged...she sadly sits down in her little chair in the corner and sings about her disappointment. Suddenly her beautiful Fairy Godmother appears and asks her what's wrong. She encourages Cinderella to go to the Ball.
Cinderella argues that she has no fine clothes, nor transportation. Her argument falls on deaf ears. "I'll take care of everything" gently scolds her Godmother..."Go to the Ball!"
With a wave of her wand the pumpkin becomes a carriage, drawn by fine horses...(uh once upon a time mice), and Cinderella has a beautiful blue gown.
Meanwhile, the festivities have already begun at the palace. The music is playing and the guests are dancing. The young ladies hope that the Prince will dance with them and fall in love...


The Prince tries to get away from the one step-sister who snorts when she laughs. Suddenly all eyes turn to the stairs when a beautiful woman enters the ballroom.
The Prince immediately escorts her into a waltz. She seems familiar...but he can't remember why.
"Who's that woman?"
They dance the night away, and when he says she's the one for him...Cinderella realizes it's almost midnight and she'd better make a quick exit before her transportation reverts back into a pumpkin.
The poor Prince gets left in the lurch, but finds her glass slipper she lost when she left in a rush....So the search is launched to find the lady that it fits. Eventually the prince arrives at Cinderella's house. Of course she's told to stay out of sight, while members of her step-family take their turns trying to squeeze into the shoe.
When asked if there is anyone else in the house, they emphatically reply "No!"
...But the Prince doesn't believe them and finds Cinderella upstairs. He's not only happy to find the girl he'd met in the village, but overjoyed that the shoe obviously belongs to her. This time she accepts his proposal.
Everyone's happy celebrating the wedding....
....And bestow their blessings and good wishes that the Prince and Princess live happily ever after. It's all very wonderful and beautiful.
The Cast and Attendees