Easter 2007



It's a beautiful afternoon, and it's nice to be home and spend Easter with the family. Dinner's over, and some of us are visiting on the veranda. Okay...here are the combined pictures we took that you might enjoy seeing.

Papa and Kirk are relaxing inside.

Karli and Drew are waiting for things to get moving.

...And sure enough, everyone's gathering at the bottom of the driveway for the Easter egg hunt about to begin. This year, we all get to participate if we want to.

We're off to see if we can find an egg.

Whoever hid the eggs did a thorough job. It's not too easy to find them.

Even Bucky wants to join in, so Papa takes him out to hunt too.

Come on Papa....That pooch sure can do the stretch.

Brent's going a bit over-board hunting.

A little birdie told me where to find one.

The green blended in with the leaves on the tree.

Time to count eggs to see if they're all here....No, we've gotta look some more.

Timmy's getting a better view of the situation? Or maybe reverting back to primal instincts?

Just kidding. You look good anywhere.

Aha! Today's winner finding the treasure egg...is none other than Cheryl!

Time out for us old folks...

Hunter wants a ride with Timmy.

...And Grammy gets one with Papa. These are fun and scary depending upon the driver.

Mason's going to make a basket?

Three kidders...

Thank you dear Margie and Sue, for the wonderful afternoon.

It's been a wonderful Easter with best friends. Some people don't like Christmas or Easter because they say these holiday's evolved from ancient heathen religious practices. I believe that God is all knowing and works in mysterious ways. He knows that people like celebrations, so how else could the Creator get us to remember who, and what we're celebrating. Without these highlights....the memory would disappear.  Thank you dear Lord for being so wise, and for the privilege of living in a nation that still remembers you and your goodness.