Drew's High School Graduation

(June 9, 2007)


It's almost 9a.m. when our grandson Drew's High School class' graduation is scheduled to commence. There are over 500 graduates so you can imagine how many people are attending. It wasn't easy to find a parking place. Finally we're headed down the hill to the stadium. This brings back memories to Drew's 8th grade graduation here, four years ago on Friday the 13th. Papa found the walk difficult, and was hospitalized the following day for heart problems, and eventual surgery. But this year is another story. As you read it be sure to check out the underlined words for a digital peek.

The Symphonic band's playing "Pomp and Circumstance" as the blue robed class of 2007 files onto the field of Hooper stadium. Families and friends are cheering, clapping and taking pictures from the sidelines.

We found seats with the family here, but it's a little too hot for me. I excused myself and headed for shady places across the field. I found a cool place on the cement steps under the trees.

Principal Marty Mathiesen asks Nevada Union's grads, "Do you remember your first day of school?" He introduced, and asked the 43 valedictorians to stand. These students earned a grade point average of 4.0 or above.

In her valedictorian speech, Iris Malone talked about the pros and cons of conformity, encouraging her classmates to fight apathy and not follow the crowd occasionally. She concluded with a quote from Abbie Hoffman, "Sacred cows make the best hamburgers."

Keynote speaker and 1984 NU grad Reinette Senum gave the graduates a brief overview of their "millennium" generation, which she said has experienced the biggest generation gap since the advent of rock 'n' roll. "You grew up with a mouse in one hand and a computer screen as part of your world view...You have learned to surf the Internet as you learned to read."

Then the Senior Choir sang their beautiful rendition of "Shenandoah."

The speech was very interesting and inspiring to me, but some felt it was too long. I couldn't help but notice the two little kids killing time by rolling down the hill behind the podium.

 Karli, Deanna, Kirk, Mel, Darlene and Ken are sweating it out across the field from me. The 500 graduates are one by one making their way to the podium to receive their diplomas.

Whoops! I almost didn't get Drew in the picture.


This is a little better...

When the commencement ended, the "Internet generation" regressed to the age-old tradition of tossing their hats into the air.

Congratulations Drew!

The graduate with his proud family....

....And his equally proud grandparents.

...And his best friend Karli.



The Graduate's Celebration Party


We arrived at Drew's  party about 3 p.m. Some of the kids were swimming. Sue wondered if it would be cold, but the water temperature was around 80 degrees.

Deanna's Mexican buffet was delicious.


I couldn't resist Timmy's tee shirt.

Brent, I've been meaning to ask you...Does that tastes good?

Later, Seth, Drew and Mason did some fancy diving. (click on their names for a peek.)

Great-grandmother Eula and Aunt Sue helping themselves to the chocolate fountain. When it was first turned on it reacted more like a swirling volcano. There was pandemonium for a moment, until the problem was corrected.

Time to open gifts...

The glass apple symbolizes school days, but instead of giving his teacher's an apple, Drew used to barbeque steaks and hamburgers for some of them. What a way to go!

Mason and his buddies finally discovered the chocolate fountain.

Darlene's coaching grand-daughter Mya to smile for the camera lady, but I don't think she's in the mood. Neither is the little guy below.


He's a real cutie in the goggles, but he didn't want them on very long. Actually he was getting tired, and just wanted to go home....so grandpa lends a soothing hand.

Bye now...

It's been a wonderful day for all of us...but now it's time for us to depart for home too. But not before one last congratulation to you Drew, for all that you've learned and accomplished over the years. We love you and wish you the best that  life has to offer.