Doggie Day

(Sunday October 5, 2008)


We're taking a walk with lil' Maggie and Hunter along the NID ditch and lake. That is, we walked, but Hunter's swimming along with us.


At the lake Hunter's swimming out and then back to shore. There she suddenly froze and was staring at something in the grass.

Like a flash she grabbed something and began shaking it violently. It was a snake, and within seconds it was dead. She certainly lives up to her name.

Tim throws a stick into the water, and of course Hunter's off and swimming to fetch it.

Marge and Tim decide to walk to the other side of the lake. Hunter was busy hunting around. Her eyesight isn't good, and she can't hear. All of a sudden she spotted them on the opposite shore. She started whining, jumped into the water and began swimming towards them.

Hunter hadn't been doing well physically until Margie started giving her an ecotrin aspirin and a package of Knox Gelatin every day. Aside from her deafness, the result is that Hunter is more like her old vital self.

At home lil' Maggie is warily watching her image on wheels. Tim taped a little dog doll that looks like her onto the little remote controlled vehicle.

After a hard day at play, this is Maggie's safe little apartment where she can cuddle up and snooze.