Christmas Day 2008


Papa and I were born in Nevada City, and this is the first Christmas during my lifetime that I can remember it snowing on Christmas day. It usually snowed before or after Christmas. This past week it snowed and rained off and on, but didn't flood the valley communities like some years. Last night and today it snowed just enough to make everything absolutely beautiful. We're heading up the road to Kirk and Deanna's for Christmas goodies and fun. Everyone is bringing something to eat, and a present.

Guy and Vicky arrived just ahead of us and help us take things in.

...Where we deposit our special gifts beneath the Christmas tree. Guys brought a gift for guys, and gals brought one for gals. It's a fun white elephant gift game where you have a couple of chances to  take someone else's gift. It's my first experience..... including writing about it.

Okay, time for a photo gathering of our dear girls.

Sheba obediently sits up for her treat.

We decide to gather everyone around the tree early for a family picture while everyone's still here. Sue goes to the upstairs balcony where she wraps and adjusts her camera on the railing hoping that everyone's in the picture. She sets the timer, then runs down the hall, down the stairs and back to where we're all waiting for the camera to take our picture. The idea is for her to get back in time to be in the picture. Unfortunately, the camera keeps taking the picture shortly after she leaves. It's hilarious! After about the third try, Vicky and Drew go upstairs to set it and run back to join the group. They set it to take five pictures, hoping at least one will come out okay. After the fourth photo shot everyone decides to act goofy.  Well...uh...maybe they're acting.

Deanna's instructing us on how to play the gift game. We were all given a number, and she'll draw numbers from the basket. If the number matches ours, we go either to the left if a gal, or to the right of the tree (if a guy) and pick out a gift. Someone else can forfeit their turn and take it away from us if they want to. Then someone can take it from them. It's cause for a lot of laughs.

Vicky picks what looked like a garbage bag. It's a suitcase!

She likes it and tries to hide it behind her.

Megan has some lottery tickets?

Bradley decides he likes Vicky's suitcase.

By the end of the gift giving and taking we're all pretty hungry.

Brent's having fun with this cute remote controlled helicopter flying near the ceiling.

I think Megan and Bradley are figuring out an ipod.

Those sweet smiles are the greatest gifts of all.

Thanks for the all-together wonderful Christmas Deanna and Kirk.

Papa looks like I feel about now.

Mason shows how tricky this skate-board is.

It's been a very merry Christmas with the family, and now it's time to brave the cold and go home. Thank goodness we don't have far to go and that Sue is our capable chauffer. Merry Christmas everybody!

Good night kids and thanks for the wonderful day.