Merry Christmas 2006


It's Christmas day and we're all at Deanna and Kirks.

Merry Christmas Darlene, Ken and Eula!

Papa, Brent and Tim watching something on television. Looks like football.

Is Tim taking photos or a movie? Where's Margie? (hehehe)

Drew's demonstrating his new camera Karli gave to him.

Deanna's putting the finishing touches on some incredible edibles.

...and it doesn't take us long to eat 'em up. We all brought something.

Time to open some presents.

Lil' Bucky sure gets around. It's Deanna's turn to cuddle him.

Mason sends the funny screaming' monkey airborne.

Hmmm....not bad.

Time for some Karaoke singing Christmas carols and other songs.

Singing together with music accompaniment is a real delight....a wonderful way to end this perfect day with those we love.


Bye now!