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(More Urban Green Tools)


This from Canada (2007). Saw your web site on milling logs. Found your wood art interesting Well I have my own system and tools. I am sure you will find them interesting as well. I will attach some photo's of one project I am sure you will like. I have many . We will start with this one. The story goes. All I started out with was a chainsaw. This was before Juan hit us here in Debert, Nova Scotia. We have 20 acres here and growing. Most of the tools I designed myself for milling . I will start with my gazebo, rotates 360,towed to any location and set up, blinds, removable screen panels, hand rail, light. This is my own design ,there were no designs even close to what I wanted. I will send more later.

This all started about 15 to 20 years ago with the side dismount log loader, and went from there. As a teenager I knew there had to be better ways of doing things when I worked in the woods operating a porter and skidder. After many years designing and building ,hurricane Juan hit us. That is when I started to speed up my chainsaw tools. They made it easier to remove those 100 plus trees downed during Juan. Then in winter that same year we where hit again, by what we call a White Juan. That is when finished my front attachable winch system for the loader. Plus I also finished my large log splitter. I have three designs .A rough terrain, high way, and a boiler log splitter. That is how many tools and equipment gets built [out of need]. Walter Rodler Inventor of more urban green tools."

Now some thing else to write. I have no photo's of this. I have redesigned a wood turning lath and built different tools for it. This is so my father in-law who has had Parkinson's for most of his life can use it. Today there are no tools like this for wood working for people with a handicap and love wood working. I will attach a photo of the table he built using these tools. He is the one with the cane. I am the one taking the photo. The center on top of the table rotates so one can reach any thing on the lazy Susan. Plus I will attach a photo of my compressor car. Now I have a three speed compressor. Also  I have fellows in there 70 's 80 's using my high way tow-able log splitter .I have even designed a log lift to fit there old home made log splitters. They love it because of how easy there job is. My no hands none hydraulic log lift with fit to any horizontal log splitter built in the world.

Curly maple table with inlays.

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