Brief History of the Appaloosa Horse


The Appaloosa horse is an ancient breed depicted in cave paintings as far back as prehistoric times. They are known to have existed in Persia, China and Egypt. Spotted horses were bred in Spain and developed into a riding horse and later taken to Mexico in the 16th Century and later spread across North America. Escaped spotted horses and mustangs were captured by the Nez Perce Indians and were used to produce horses which were fast, strong, agile and docile. The Nez Perce Indians lived near the Palouse River and the breed first became known as the A Palouse and then later the Appaloosa. Horses were later captured by the US army and in 1938 the Appaloosa was recognized as a breed.


The Appaloosa horse has a white eye sclera, spotted skin, and striped hooves.