Laxalt Building / Old Carson City Post Office - 1891

A Walk Through Historic Carson City

(June 19, 2007)


I took a walk through Carson City this afternoon and found most of the beautiful homes and buildings that are in the Historical Registry. I am sorry that I was not able to finish the tour, but it got very warm and I had to retreat back to the car. Lots of history in our fair city. I hope you enjoy them...

Attorney General Building.

Bender Home 1879

Bliss Home 1879

Brougher - Bath Home 1904

Cavell Home 1907

Chartz Home 1876

Clemens Home 1864

Curry Home 1871

Ferris Home 1869

Nevada state Governor's Mansion 1909

Front view of the Governor's Mansion.

Larry Luvo StateRoom at Gov. Mansion.

Krebs - Peterson Home 1914

Krebs - Peterson Home from the front.

Nevada State Capitol 1871.

Nevada state Senate and Assembly Building.

Norcross Home 1906.

Office of the Attorney General.

Old stone home on the registry, but it's interesting.

Ormsby - Rosser Home 1863

The park between the State Capitol and the State Senate Building.

Red Hawk Ventures...(Not really sure about this one).

Rickey Home 1870.

Robinson Home 1874.

Sadler Home 1878.

St. Peter's Church 1868.

St. Teresa's Church 1871.

Stewart - Nye Home 1860.

United Methodist Church 1865.

Yerington Home 1863.