A Special Birthday

It's Sunday, July 31, 2005,  and we're at the Rough & Ready Opry Palace to celebrate mom's ninety-ninth birthday. She used to be in a group like the Fruit Jar Pickers and loves the music.

....And Mom even brought her own instrument that she used to play.

We're given a book of songs so we can sing along. The song leader displays the page number of the song.

During intermission we're introduced to Rosemary who poses for  a photo with Bonnie and me.

The baby is a fourth generation member of the family.

The Fruitjar Pickers gave a number of gifts for various things. I received a belly button duster....Something no self respecting person should be without.


After the concert we're going to Miner Moe's for a Pizza lunch and birthday cake. How about a ride on your bike?

Happy birthday to you....dear grandma!
The honoree gets the first piece of cake....
And a hug.
Mel, Phyllis and me.

Might as well finish with a photo with Bonnie and Mel. It's been a great birthday party for a very special lady.



Sadly, mom passed away the following January.