A Mind Blowing Experience.


Bonnie Wayne McGuire


An old friend and I were chatting over lunch at the Holbrooke Hotel when our conversation suddenly swerved onto the subject of the Internet. "You're on the net?" I asked, hoping that we could exchange email. "No, I don't even own a computer, but I think you should know something. Most universities won't accept thesis material taken from the net." I was past that anyway, but enjoy convenient communication, and the tremendous array of information about everything. I assured my friend that although the university stance may have some validity, most researchers know you need many sources of information to reach an informed conclusion. The subject dropped when I mentioned that one's experiences have more than a little influence on how we think. I was thinking about a bizarre experience that changed my life.

It was a blustery, rainy Friday afternoon about thirty years earlier. I was lazily loading the dishwasher and listening to then radio KAHI's guest talking about unidentified flying objects (UFOs). He said that he had taped messages from space beings, and extended an invitation to anyone interested in hearing them. My curiosity got the best of me, and somehow I persuaded my husband and three other couples into going along. It was the perfect night for a mystery. I think we were all a little apprehensive as we drove up the narrow, winding road that led to a neat little house surrounded by oak trees. Our host, Gayne Myers (right) opened the door, and after a brief introduction to his wife Roberta, we seated ourselves around the fireplace to listen. The first recording alluded to a galactic war that ended with the destruction of a planet in our solar system, and the troublemakers being exiled to earth. Periodically, great beings were sent here to teach the solar delinquents. We thought it sounded like an episode from "Star Trek." Eventually, Friday night became a weekly event for those of us who wanted to hear more and discuss whatever. Our host and some other guests had impressive libraries from which to borrow books. I took full advantage of the opportunity and was surprised that so many ancient religious texts referred to various forms of aircraft that seemed oddly out of place.

For instance, the Bible's prophet Ezekiel says he saw wheels within wheels that went straight up and made a sound like rushing waters. Moses led his people through the wilderness by following a cloud, sometimes pillar of light to the mountain where the voice of God gave him the Ten commandments. The prophet Elijah departed from earth in a whirlwind (or fiery chariot) that was witnessed by his disciple Elisha.

The most ancient Hindu writings mention self-propelled aircraft (or Vimina's) that were used by the sages. These were finely painted and made a melodious sound during flight. some had two stories with windows. The larger Daru-vimina craft started with a roar until the driving whirlwind was set into motion. Flight records indicate they achieved great heights and distances.

Probably some of the most fascinating accounts of flight are related in Louis Ginzberg's "Legends of the Jews." The prophet teacher Enoch flew about the heavens on a white steed. When he finished his earthly mission and was about to depart, he warned some of his followers not to watch him ascend, because they would be killed.

Peruvian legend says that the first Inca told his brother Auca to fly to a distant hilltop that later became the site of Cuzco. Not far away is the Nazca Plain with gigantic etchings of a spider, hummingbird, animals, spirals and rectangles that remained undetected until modern pilots noticed them from above.


Spaceman Nazca, Peru

Although the Islamic prophet Mohammed didn't fly, he did mention that he received his instructions from a star that spoke to him on the mountain.

All these accounts were so interesting that I knew there had to be a lot more buried treasure waiting to be rediscovered. Sure enough, some digging through rare books produced an abundance of early archeological observations about fossilized remains of lost civilizations on and around the American continent. Scientists are convinced that some of the Pacific Islands were actually man made. This physical evidence supports the legend that this hemisphere was the center of a vast theocratic civilization designed after our solar system.

All of it proves that what the Greek historian Herodotus claimed was true. He said the Egyptian priests told him that they descended from the most ancient people on earth, who lived in the west. So one has to wonder if the ancient pilots were gods from another planet (or dimension), or merely men from a more advanced culture on earth.

Much has been written about UFOs. It doesn't matter whether or not I believe in them. Who knows? What matters to me is that my initial curiosity developed into an education that expanded my consciousness. Our little group wasn't a cult. We were advised not to follow, but rather to think. My new awareness motivated me to notice and become politically active with the hope of improving government, education and alternative medical treatment for terminally ill people.

While unusual experiences can bring embarrassment, ridicule and ruin for some, mine made me realize that the more we learn, the more conscious we become of how little we know.

(Published in the Union Newspaper 6/20/98)
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